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We Provide Professional Pool Maintenance in Los Altos, CA

Isn’t it incredible to have a swimming pool and plunge in whenever you want? When the summer sun is making everything heat up, soaking in cool refreshing water will get the steam out of your system and keep you relaxed. Thus, it is always important to keep up with pool maintenance in Los Altos, CA so that your swimming pool will always be ready when you want to have some fun in the water.

Keep Your Pool Safe with Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintaining a pool requires knowing several things such as proper techniques and solutions, water pH levels, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, total dissolved hardness, and many more. It certainly can be very taxing for one without the proper knowledge.

So, if you are in need of professional pool cleaning in Los Altos, CA, do not hesitate to give us a call.

If you don’t properly care for your pool, or worse, not maintain it at all, it will have a shorter lifespan. If you don’t give it the needed cleaning for 2-3 weeks, the water can turn green! It gets even worse when there was a heavy downpour of rain as it can turn your pool green in a matter of 24 hours. It will not only harbor algae but possibly E. coli. And during a hot summer day, chlorine dissipates easily, so after a day or two in summer, the water will have almost no chlorine in it.

Proper pool maintenance is not only an aesthetic issue, but more importantly a health concern. If the pool water is not regularly cleaned and properly balanced, it may result to skin and gastro-intestinal problems and other health concerns. We don’t want that for you and your family, so we provide you with top-notch pool maintenance in Los Altos, CA to keep your swimming pool at its best condition – clean, refreshing and crystal clear. Los Altos Pool Service is your trusted pool company.

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